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The Rapid development of the aged people nourishing plant ex

Nowadays,various kinds of Health Lecture have appeared around us no matter on TVs or broadcast, and these programs mainly focus on middle-aged and aged people, gather them together and  organize health Communications. Comparing with the previous hot products with losing weight and tonifying Yang functions, now more and more Health Lecture are tend to communicate regulation and Nourishing health care products. These changes reflected that people are more and more care for these health and also a new chance that regulation and Nourishing health care products have become the leader of the health care market.
According to our company, Xian Yuensun biological technology company’s investigation, and combined with our customers’ feedback, we found that the most popular functional heath care products are with the function of improving sleep quality, regulating blood pressure,blood fat, blood sugar also Gastric Digestion regulation.

Low sleeping quality is a symptom exist in aged people even in young people who are under big work pressure.Jujuboside in Spine date seed extract, Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides are the popular plant extract used for improving sleep quality, and have occupied a big market share.

High blood pressure, High blood fat, and high blood sugar are the disease which belongs to aged people, but now with eating too much junk food and unpunctual diet because of hard work. These disease have appears in Younger people too. Those people like to take ginkgo biloba and Notoginseng with water,  that is because the active ingredients in these plant have the function of prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Except these, the plant extract such as acanthopanax extract, gynostemma extract, Radix Puerariae extract are also good for preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

As to gastrointestinal problems, constipation is the most Intuitive feelings, gastrointestinal problems will lead to prevent Detoxifying, effect mood and health, taking Senna Leaf is a good choice for this symptom, Xian Yuensun Biological technology have recommended the Senna Leaf extract, Semen Cassiae extract, Aloe vera extract, and Emodin extract to the domestic heath care manufacturer, and their terminal product with solving gastrointestinal problems had a very good market.

regulation and Nourishing heath care is our traditional Health care method, their rising is not only represent the blooming market of natural health care product, but also the affirmation of the heath care products which insist of the natural plant extract. Except this,the younger people under the pressure of both work and family have joined these health care group too, boost the heath care products develop more quickly.
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