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The first plant extracts international business standards is

The first plant extracts international business standards issue
Carry out on October 1, 2013

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Plant extracts industry is a rapid development sunrise industry . With the development of the industry, the lack of standards has become an increasingly important factor hinder the development of the industry. In the production and circulation, no standard means not able to monitor effectively. In foreign trade sector, no standard means there is no active bargaining power. To a certain extent, the lack of standards will lead to industry "bad money drives out good money" phenomenon. Last year, after adjustment of the new "Legislative Catalogue", Some plant extracts company with no standard exports feel more sense head hanging "Sword of Damocles", the company may be prohibited exports at any time.

Based on this, in April 2012, health insurance trade associations organize excellent domestic plant extracts production and export enterprises to carry out "plant extracts international business standards' work. After several rounds of expert review, solicit business advice, and ultimately form publicity draft of seven plant extracts international business standards, and publicity during Shanghai CPHI in June 28, 2013 . After a month of public notice period, comprehensive feedback from various enterprises, and again seek expert advice research and discussion, finally release the following seven plant extracts international business standards. International business standards and publishing, will improve the plant extract quality standards, improve industry access mechanisms to strengthen industry self-regulation enterprises, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of plant extract.

7 plant extracts international business standards are: Ginkgo biloba extract international business standards, bilberry extract international business standards, ginseng extract international business standards, Polygonum cuspidatum extractinternational business standards, Centella asiatica extract international business standards, willow extract international business standards, Silybum Marianum Extract international business standards.

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