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wheat grass powder

[Product introduction]
Our company produces high quality fruit and vegetable powder as raw fruits and vegetables, using the more advanced spray drying technology processing.
Maximize the flavor of fruits and vegetables to maintain itself, contains vitamins and acids. Powder, good mobility, good taste, easy to dissolve, easy to preserve.

100% Water soluble.

[Specs Available] 30:1(TLC)
[Total Plate Count] <1000cfu/g 
[Particle Size] 100% pass 80 mesh
[Yeast and Mold] <100cfu/g
[Pesticides] Negative

[Part of use] leaf
Color: The product has a natural color and uniform,usually green fun powder
Odor: natural fruit flavor
[product usage]
It is used in coloring on food,it's food additive;it can be used in making drinks ;it also can used as Auxiliary materials on food and health food .
Wheat grass powder is a 100% pure organic food supplement. It enhances human energy and vitality,and strengthens the mind and body.
It is a blood purifier, cleanser, and a detoxification agent as well.
It is used as a medicine as well as a supplementary diet.

[Main Function]
-Improve immunity and delay aging

-Help in blood purification and may boost blood circulation
-Anti-oxidant and anti-cancer
-Act as an energy Booster
-Aid in skin and hair nourishment
-Enhance the cell vitality
-Maintain healthy weight
It is good for loosing weight

[Shelf Life] 2 years
[Storage] Store in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light.
[Packing25 kgs/Fiber Drum

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