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Soybean Extract

[ Latin Name ] Glycine max Linn. Merr.
[ Plant origin and Distribution ]
Soybean belongs to Leguminosae Family, Glycine L, annual herb, widely planted in China. The material we used comes from Northeast of China, and is non-pollution and non-GMO. Using ethanol as extraction solvent, our product is natural and safe for directly consumption. It contains several active ingredients, such as daidzin, daidzein, genistin, genistein, glycitein and glycitin.
[ Part of Used ] Seed
[ Active Ingredients ] Isoflavones
[ Specs Available ] 20%,40% (HPLC)
[ Characteristic ]
Appearance:Light yellow or yellow powder
Molecular Formula: C21H20O9(Daidzin),C15H10O4(Daidzein)
[ Main Function ]
(1). Preventing osteoporosis.
(2). Decreasing cholesterol and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
(3). Preventing cancer, especially prostate cancer and breast cancer and resisting tumor.
(4). Owning estrogenic effect and reliefing symptom of climacteric syndrome.
[ Application ]
(1)Applied in food field, it is added into kinds of beverage, liquor and foods as functional food additive.
(2)Applied in health product field, it is widely added into various kinds of health products to prevent chronic diseases or relief symptom of climacteric syndrome.
(3)Applied in cosmetics field, it is widely added into the cosmetics with the function of delaying aging and compacting skin, thus make skin much smooth and delicate.
(4)Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is widely added into the medicine which can be used in treating chronic diseases such as cardio-cerebrovascular disease, kidney disease, diabetes mellitus.
[ Shelf Life ] 2 years
[ Storage ] Store in cool and dry places. Keep away from light.
[ Packing ]25 Kg/Fiber Drum
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